Super Raccoon Go !

Super Raccoon Go! – Update – (Hyper Version)

After play-testing the game extensively, I felt like it was un-finished and the play style was somewhat awkward. I have come back and updated to give the player a sleeker, funny, more creative experience.Updates to the ‘Hyper Version’:

  • Removed reqired ‘wait’ between dances, you can now best dance moves as fast as you can input them!
  • Removed some dances
  • Added some new dances with ‘state’ effects (you can perform other dances while these ‘state’  dances are active)!
  • Changed requirements for entering new backgrounds
  • Removed use of ‘unique’ dances
  • Changed HUD to be more text based
  • Added counter to show how long your combo has beeen active (max 48 moves!)
  • All changes reflected in in-game tutorial, manual
  • Cleaned up code – game now runs smoother and uses less CPU/battery life
  • Changed scoring system

Download it Here! :