Game Boy Cassette & Cardboard Case Creation

I’ve been working on alternate game boy cases for a while. i saw the cassette cases and I wasn’t super happy with them because it seemed the game wasnt very secure unless you opened them the perfect way. I used a different type of Cassette case, and made a ‘game holder’ for the case – created the design and had it made via 3d printer.

I made 3 different styles – the first two are the same casing set up, but different ‘covers’ . 1st type has a vinyl sticker wrap over the whole thing that serves as a cover. All three have manuals, but, 2nd types’ manual also serves as a cover. It has a separate rear cover thats also internal.

3rd style is a full cardboard ‘case’ – just got the design printed at fedex on card stock. Made a template and two different designs – one thats for tiny manuals, one for manuals around 2mm in thickness (10 or so pages). They both accomodate a gameboy game in the classic , OEM opaque case and need a 2 1/2 cm foam piece to take up empty space / give the ‘box’ more rigidness. (foam not in the pictures)

In the pics, left side is the 1st type – outer vinyl sticker, 2nd type on the right side. 3rd type is the last few pictures.