Jurassic Jams

Jurassic Jams

Game Type: Local 1 player only
Control: Keyboard, USB Controllers with 3 buttons
Operating Systems: Windows(Vista,7,8,10) (XP,Me,98,95 – Untested)
Price: Free!
Buy it here! : https://tofu-heavy-industries.itch.io/jurassic-jams

Jurassic Jams is a game made for Pigsquads ‘Summer Slow Jam 2019’ challenge. The theme: “one more time” – 3 buttons, 3 colors. This version is an update to the version that is available on their itch.io page.

Pick a play time, a song, and get to dancing. Hit the buttons corresponding to the words you want to add to your song; time it right and you will get bonuses for being on-tempo! The bright lights will shine and the fx will blast off as you continually bust groove after groove.


Jurassic Jams Dance


Jurassic Jams Start