Maps & Mods

Final Fantasy Tactics

Monster Madness Mod 8.15.2017 Download 50kb (.zip)

The Monster Madness mod is a mod focused on enhancing and expanding the standard monsters with more abilities. Except for some specific monsters, most monsters only have a few abilities, and those are somewhat mundane. Monster Madness gives most monsters more abilities, including some healing and statii removal, gives all monsters ‘Gained EXP up’, removes the ‘Can’t enter water’ restriction from most monsters, and even adds the ‘Monster Skill’ support ability to a few monsters. Almost all monsters have been changed in some regard, so check those stats!

Not only will fights with monsters be harder, but including monsters in your team now becomes a lot more viable option. Most abilities/skills have been balanced accordingly, but not all battles/classes have been tested. This mod can work along side the CrossSkip mod.

FFT Monster Madness

Beastmaster Job Mod 8.15.2017 Download 460kb (.zip)

The Beastmaster Job mod adds a new job – which replaces the ‘Mediator’ job in the job list- that focuses on abilities that assist monster party members. The concept comes from the Beastmaster Job class available in the Final Fantasy Online game. Job Abilities include: Charming, Inviting, Brave/Faith modifying, Dragon Species assistance abilities, some Monk abilities, an ability for healing the undead, and a few abilities carried over from the Mediator Job class.

Although it removes most the Mediators abilities from the game, a few are  of its abilities are still included in the Beastmaster job. Support abilities have not been changed, so you can still learn the support abilities from Mediator for use with other jobs. This mod can work along side the CrossSkip mod.

FFT Beastmaster

Battlefield 1942

Belep Islands Map 8.19.2017 Download 8.4mb (.zip)

A pacific theatre island-based map where a US carrier attempts to attack a small island group held by the Japanese. The US starts off with just a lone aircraft carrier, Japan starts off holding the two main islands. There is also a single island with an neutral flag. This map includes boats, planes, tanks, AA guns and a jeep or two. Based off historical maps of the Belep Islands.

Belep Islands

THI Race Mod 8.19.2017 Download 65kb (.zip)

A small mod designed for use with specific ‘race’ tracks. Each jeep is now immune to water damage, and has their armor increased four-fold. US Marine & Japanese soldiers class kits now only contain the following weapons/items: Knife, Handgun, No4 Rifle, MedPack, and Repair Wrench.

Asiatic Grand Prix Map 8.19.2017 Download 6mb (.zip)

The Asiatic Grand Prix is collection of race tracks pitting you against friends and enemy soldiers. It includes several true race tracks, a few skill tracks, a boat race course and a stunt area. This map is designed to be used with the THI-Race_mod. Without it, one track is unplayable, and players will have their full complement of normal weapons for classes, making racing very difficult. This is considered a pre-final version, and although new concepts for changes are in the works, no plans to implement them are being considered at this time.