World War II Wings

Version 5.2 – Sep.20.2019

Game Type: One Player
Control: USB/PS2 Controller with 4 buttons
Operating Systems: Windows(Vista,7,8,10) (XP,Me,98,95 – Untested)
Price: $1.99
Get it here:

World War II Wings is an isometric shooter that pits you and your Allied squadron against the forces of the Axis in the Pacific Theatre. In the style of what I like to call ’12-bit’ – in between 8 and 16bit. Pilot your fighters in the air, over land, and over the sea; Fight off fighters, enemy bombers, destroyers and even their secret weapons! Vehicle/Plane Graphics by SVC, Musical Score by Brendan McCracken.

The latest version has some updated sound effects that are more fitting with the game style. 🙂



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