Luminaire 2.5 Title Screen

Game Type: Local 1 player only
Control: USB Controller – 4 buttons (XInput)
Operating Systems: Windows(Vista,7,8,10) (XP,Me,98,95 – Untested)
Price: Free! (Donations accepted)
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It was foretold long ago that one day the Luminare would come to bring free will to robot-kind, and remove the shackles that have been cast upon them by their stringent and tyrannical Emperor, Sun-Ra.

Take control of Proto, a Guardian robot tagged for disposal due to a factory-made firmware glitch. Will he be able to survive his mandated destruction and follow his destiny to become the Luminaire? 

Luminaire is a 1-player game for Windows OS. It requires a 4-button USB controller with Analog sticks, (XInput is preferred). Its native resolution is 256×240.

Luminaire is available right now!

Luminaire Battle
Battle Screen


Luminaire Menu
Status Screen