Galaxy Greats

Galaxy Greats 1.2 Official Release!

Galaxy Greats’ last week release was a watershed moment for me and little game dev company. Although I was happy with it, I was driven to add updates that were long in coming but were completely necessary for the game to be a ‘good’ game. So here is what’s been added for this one week marathon-of-programming 1.2 update release:

Don’t forget to go get the new version from !

>Added a new boomerang weapon!
>Standard backgrounds now have scrolling elements (that also randomize)
>Now your shield absorbs enemy shots and reduces your shot gauge by that amount.

>Added exhaust animation to all ships (except aumnoch)
>Boost is now single use/recharge – with faster recharge.
>Ability to easily exit options menu with start button.
>Quickly close winner screen if any button hit
>Removed ‘cloaking’ weapon
>Changed boost speed to be more balanced
>Updated 14 sprites
>Winner text slides in now animated
>Added fix to prevent bug if player is killed as time out.
>Fixed bug with timer during a time out
>Fixed issue with tutorial not looping
>Fixed bug that made shooting two or more flames at same time possible
>Fixed stun-lock if colliding with enemy with their shield active
>Timer now displays correctly during time out
>Added ‘perfect!!’ graphic
>Removed needless code & internal objects