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World War II Wings 3.5 release available

World War II Wings 3.5 release available (Update) Jan.31.2018

I have just released an update to World War II Wings (Version 35); and it is now available for download on the Games page. This release is a minor update to version 3.4 but still includes a whole slew of new updates including CONTROLLER/GAMEPAD SUPPORT. Throw away your old versions and get this one now!

Final Fantasy Tactics Beastmaster & Monster Madness Mods

I’ve uploaded two mods for Final Fantasy Tactics. ‘Monster Madness’ is a mod that buffs and rounds out the basic monsters abilities to make them stronger in combat. Great for recruiting or just upping the difficulty of a standard game. The ‘Beastmaster Job’ mod adds a Beastmaster job in place of the regular Mediator job. Great for players who want to play with a monster party.

Mac Dream Tool (i386) version 4.09 release available 9.9.2015

Mac Dream Tool (i386) version 4.09 release available  9.9.2015

The new version of Mac Dream Tool is out! This version adds support for Macs with Intel architecture (i386) and has a host of new features! Severallayers of support and expansion have been added to Zip-to-Sbi conversion, along with major updates to the Plain Files selfbooter. The download is available on my Dreamcast page. See the <b>full update list</b> in the ‘Read Me’ file within the Mac Dream Tools archive or check out http://dcemulation.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=103710¬†this post in the dcemu forums.

Game Guides updates

Game Guides updates 6.14.2015

I have just uploaded new and updated PDF versions of three of my Game Guides. Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, Castlevania II and Battle of Olympus are now available in PDF format in a sleek new professional guide look! In addition, each guide has been re-fact checked and re-worded for clarity.

In addition, a new game guide is available – my Final Fantasy Tactics : Monster Party guide. I’m glad to have finally released this guide to the public. Please check the Game Guides page to see them all.