World War II Wings – Updated to version 5.4

This will be the final release of this game in the isometric perspective. Flat out, making isometric games is quite a challenge. Enemy/Terrain generation, pathing, graphics, all require a very specific and skilled hand to create and have everything run correctly. As much as switching the perspective to top-down vertical scrolling or side-scrolling would take away from the unique-ness and original vision of the game, I don’t have the resources to make the game I originally envisioned to make.‚Äč

This most recent update fixes some sound issue, adds some much needed control fixing issues, there is still a few bugs with terrain generation and one of the musical tracks that I can’t quite nail down and fix.

If WW2Wings is changed styles, it will have a new sub-title that will differentiate it from this original version. At this time there is no timetable for the release date for this new version.

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