Luminaire – Final Update – Version 2.5 !

I have completed the final update to my Robot-based RPG Luminaire! This new version includes MUSIC!! – That’s right, music for all the areas and battles! It has quality of life improvements, such as difficulty adjustments, some bugs removed, price adjustments, more sound effects, and is all-around a big improvement. This will be the last update, except for possible incremental updates in the future to fix bugs.

Here is a handy list of all thats new in or fixed in Luminaire:

  1. Fixed freeze issue that occurs when player gets into a fight as the same time its moving through a door.
  2. Fixed npcs trying to walk and change direction when talking to you.
  3. Fixed window resizing when showing fighting actions.
  4. Fixed sizing of fight windows.
  5. Added music to all battles, overworld and all towns (except one).
  6. Reduced toughness of enemies in second area.
  7. Added bigger animation effects on boss enemies.
  8. Added bigger animation effects on boss enemy death.
  9. Increased time fighting text appears for.
  10. Crane boss is now just an NPC (removed ‘beginners trap’)
  11. Removed 90% of unused graphic tiles.
  12. Decreased standard enemy tactic usage.
  13. Player able to change direction facing when direction hit.
  14. Changed all Tactical Ability sounds.
  15. Replaced some attack sounds.
  16. Added sound effct when buying & selling.
  17. Enemies now shake when hit.
  18. Added sound effect when treasure obtained.
  19. Replaced sound effect when talking to NPCs.
  20. Changed and simplified intro music.
  21. Battle screen lingers a bit longer if player dies during battle, instead of changing screens within seconds.
  22. Fixed some background tiles in the overworld.
  23. Disabled Splash Screen (Unused).