Final Fnatasy Tactics - original art

Final Fantasy Tactics Beastmaster & Monster Madness Mods – Update v.02 Final

I’ve updated my two mods for Final Fantasy Tactics.

‘Monster Madness’ Updates:
Added Descriptive text for Monsters and Abilities
Removed 2 abilities that were supposed to be in a different mod
Fixed Blue dragon & Red Dragon having switched abilities
Circle ability effectiveness reduced – was overbalanced

‘Beastmaster Job’ Updates:
Increased Beastmaster MP Multiplier
Beastmaster can now equip crossbows
Added the Soul Voice ability : A Dark-element magical ability to heal the undead.
Increased the amount of Brave given by the ability ‘Praise’.

I have replaced both the previous versions with these as the only downloads, as seeing these versions are final versions and bug fixes.